Due Dates/Class News


News from Mrs. Sheppard’s Classroom April-June 2019

We are off to our final marking period!  Our focus has turned to fantasy. We are including some medieval history, castle projects and foundations of the United States.  In Social Studies we are studying the events that built and expanded our country; such as the Revolutionary War. Students are studying the names of the states and have begun testing on these.  Area, volume, geometry and perimeter will take over Math during this period. Science will be a focus on “Systems and Survival.” In writing we are working on persuasive essays and newspaper writing.

Thank you so much for sharing your child with me this year! The year has gone by very quickly, and I have enjoyed my time with them. Each of them brightens my day!



Due Friday, May 3: Oral Report (worked on in class) Students will choose an issue to take a stand on and present, or a fantasy creature or an unexplained phenomenon to study and give a brief report on.  Oral reports should have information from at least 3 sources and last between 5-15 minutes. Students need to cite their sources used.  Reports can be presented using any format. We discuss this in class.


***Homework Project: Due on or before Friday, May24: Castle Diorama Students are asked to design a castle from junk materials.  The castle should represent the country that your child chose to study at school. They can also be original designs. Castles are to have the main parts labeled and a working drawbridge! (think forces and motion to tie into our past science lesson/ratio and measurements to fit into Math) A list of the suggested parts will be sent home by April 26.  Have FUN with this!



Following Spring vacation, we are writing our script to film our movie!!!  Students will be bringing these home to practice their parts for filming in May. We can’t wait to share our final production with you in June!




Other dates: (Air Zoo to be scheduled yet)

MStep begins on April 15., ½ day April 26-April Birthdays,

 May 16 Fish Hatchery Trip 8:50-11:30,

May 17-May Birthdays,

June 5- 5th grade talent showcase 1:45PM, June 6- summer birthdays,

 June 7- 5th Grade Picnic Stanley Johnston Park,

June 10 5K and Field Day (helpers needed!!),

 ½ day June 11, 12