What are the morning procedures at North Shore?

Doors open at 7:45 a.m. for the "Early Bird" program. Parents must sign students up for this before they can attend.

Breakfast begins at 8:20 a.m. Students who are not part ofthe "Early Bird" program or breakfast program should not arrive until 8:30 a.m. as there is no supervision until that time. Playground opens at 8:30 with adult supervision. All students that do not eat breakfast need to be on the playground prior to the bell ringing. In case of rain, other arrangements will be made.

If your student arrives later that 8:45 s/he will need to check into the office and obtain a tardy slip before going to class.

What is the student pick-up process at North Shore?

North Shore dismisses at 3:35 daily, and we would like to ask that parents to refrain from picking students up prior to dismissal time unless they have an appointment.

To help alleviate traffic backups in the pick up area and in the parking area, parents are encouraged to join the pick up line rather than coming into the building. Please continue through the line to the west side of the drive to pick students up. This is the only area where the students are allowed to enter vehicles. The first four (4) cars will load students and pull off in order. Please do not exit the drive thru line prematurely, as other cars are exiting the parking area as well. Only with your cooperation can the line flow smoothly and expeditiously. For those parents who elect to wait in the lot for students, please wait outside of your vehicles so that your child(ren) can see you. They may safely cross only with the crossing guard at the designated area. Thank you for your cooperation in assisting our efforts to ensure a safe and timely dismissal for your child(ren).

Reminder: The driveway is 2 lanes with the west side for entering & the south side for exiting. There is no middle lane.

What does North Shore collect?

Box Top$, Labels for Education UPC codes, Aunt Millie's "School Spirit UPC Codes", Tyson "Project A+ 1 2 3 ", old ink cartridges, toner cartridges & old cell phones, and Village Market cash receipts.