Due Dates/Class News


 News from Mrs. Sheppard’s Class Nov.-Jan. 2019

              Our theme for our school year is “Survival and Exploration.”   Students will be reading various survival stories and personal narratives. In Social Studies we are focusing on early exploration and historical research.  In math we are studying operations with multiplication and division.  Science for this marking period after completing “Earth and Space Systems” is “Physical Science.”  We are learning how to do slide presentations about explorers in Social Studies; and studying economics and propaganda with commercials in class. In writing we are working on graphic novel style writing and compare/contrast.

Please be sure to check your child’s planner on a weekly basis! Practice reviewing those multiplication facts and weekly spelling words. Math packets for extra credit will be sent home at winter break.


Oral Report: (dinosaurs/inventors/innovators in technology/or “firsts”) Due Dec. 7: (in school activity)

Students will choose their topic in class and will have individual work time on research.  They are encouraged to continue research etc. at home if they are able. Notes will need to be taken in the student’s own words from at least 3 different sources. Students need to be able to identify their sources. Speeches should last between five and fifteen minutes (approximately).    Students may do a second project at home for extra credit in Writing and Science! J (Reading Street enrichment).

 Also in class we are working on Google Classroom in groups to develop slide presentations about a famous early explorer to present to the classroom for Social Studies. Groups will present on November 30.


Due Friday January 11-Homework= Original tool, idea or invention! (Reading Street tie in) Students must create an original tool or invention that would improve the lives of others in some way.  If they are choosing to modify or change an invention, then they need to really make it a new product. It should look very different and have a different purpose. A sketch or “blueprint” needs to be turned in along with a description about the purpose of the invention.  Students should have a model or prototype of the invention (it doesn’t have to work).  Please use junk materials etc. found around the house! If students need supplies, they just need to ask. Students will present their invention through an infomercial using the propaganda techniques we have studied. (Persuasive Writing-compare/contrast) Students may plan out their commercials beforehand.

 The infomercials may be produced here in the classroom the following week. They may also film them at home to share with us using family members.




Dates to Know:

Swimming week of Nov. 26             No school for students on November 21-23   Nov. birthdays Nov.9        

Winter Break Dec. 24-January 4      December birthdays Dec. 21 2:00-3:25

Holiday Class Party: (Secret Santa!) Dec. 20 2:00-3:25 Any crafters out there??  

No school for students Jan. 21 (Martin Luther King Day)

January 24 & 25 are ½ days for students.

End of Marking period January 25